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Thousands of years ago, a Dragon created the Earth and fell into a deep slumber. The Dragon shall awaken again to roar a mighty roar which will destroy the Earth and create a new Earth to take its place. Six heroes are destined to protect the Dragon from the Demons who seek to use the Dragon's power to create the new world in their own image.

Follow the story of two of the six heroes, Parker and Amagi, as they travel across the kingdom of Percivus to find the other four heroes and protect the kingdom from the Demons.


  • Defeat your foes with the power of fire, ice, and thunder attacks!
  • Look up enemy information in your very own Bestiary!
  • Refill your empty potion bottles at your local Magic Shop!
  • Get the chance to romance Parker's childhood friend?
  • Befriend the travelling merchant who is always where you are for some reason??
  • TWO ENDINGS! (Can you find both?)
  • CG art and dialogue portraits drawn by the developer!


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Legend of Percivus v5.1.1.exe 193 MB

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How many hours to complete this game?

i would say about 6-8 hours worth of gameplay

What did you make this in?

Used RPG Maker VX Ace

Would you be up for bringing it over to MV?  I';m up for it ^^

Hello, found your game from the RPGmaker Forums, downloaded and donated 2$, sorry if it's not much but im not from the US, so our currency conversion is too much x.x

Hey, thank you so much! Your donation is very much appreciated :D

A patch for the game has been made! Please redownload the game when you can.

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Nice game, crashes on start. Definetly worth 5$

(2 edits)

I changed the game files so it shouldn't crash. Also made the game for free now. I understand putting my first project up for sale was ambitious, especially since I used RTP graphics; that was a mistake. Don't be so salty about it.